Daily Prompt: Progress

When i look back at my blog a year from now, what would i like to see?…Progress 🙂  What defines progress though is movement, action, improvement towards a goal. I hope to see I’ve gained more friendly audience, improved my writing ability and knowledge base. I want to see that I’ve been able to tell an interesting story that actually makes sense and my readers are able to relate to. I want to see growth…i want to see that I’ve grown in the manner of which i relate with people and i want to see that i really took hold of the opportunities i had and used them positively and satisfactorily.

To reach a port, we must set sail – sail, not tie at anchor; sail, not drift – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I’ve set sail, i may not know where exactly i’m going but i’m on my way…..my port awaits, friends. 🙂



Today’s blog post is with regard to the daily prompt; When you look back at your blog on January 2, 2015, what would you like to see?