Liquor Bottles Don’t Lie?

I came across this ironic photoshopped pictures depicting what would actually be on the labels of liquor bottles if they were to be brutally honest and i’ve got to say i couldn’t agree less though it’s hilarious!

liquor liquor1 liquor2 liquor3 liquor4 liquor5 liquor6

What do you think? 🙂


Interesting Healthy Habits

Every girl 2


Hello luvies!!!  🙂

O, how I’ve missed you! I’ve been super lazy for the past plenty(certainly not few) months now and experiencing the so called “Writers block” or in this case “bloggers block”. But how can i have such a block when there’s been so much happening in this life everyday,huh? I guess i felt and still feel the events are not interesting enough to blog about *sigh* (that mentality has certainly got to change). Yup, that’s certainly all about to change little significant step by little step ;-). So, i came across something while surfing the web randomly and i’ll start from there by sharing it with you. You might have also come across it but no telling who needs to be reminded (including my humble self). Here’s the link to it.