Introducing myself

Hi there, everyone 🙂


I know, i know but don’t you just love this song by Nick jonas! he’s laid it out quite easily than i might have thought (i hope you listened to the song tho). uh-oh, i’ll just need to make a few or more adjustments in relation to me *grins* . Here we go…….

  1.  o.O I’m not trying to grow a moustache (although it might be growing of it’s own free will*shrugs*)……I’m a Lady *curtseys*.
  2. I don’t even know what kind of dish a quesadilla is….
  3. I still don’t get the part about really liking you when the moon looks like a toenail, i like you irrespective of what shape the moon is 🙂 …..

well, now you know a few things about me. I’m quite friendly if you are nice too *lol*

I’m sure u’d like to know why i blog (sorry i couldn’t put that in a song tho 😉 i come up with such songs solely in the bathroom). I started this blog on the first day of the year, 2014 *Yipee! New year shenanigans? ( i just had to use that word ‘shenanigan’ i like how it sounds) yep.

OK, so I know you were looking to know something more about me but i don’t really think i want to divulge so much just yet because i’m just starting out, i want you to stumble upon my blog on your own and like it and me just because. I’m older now, not a teen, i feel as i grow older i should be able to find myself and this is one way i’m hoping will help; finding my identity. I’ll definitely be posting some personal and not so personal stuffs, totally random stuffs i just want to talk to you about on here.

Why am i blogging rather than keeping a personal journal? – Firstly, u should know this is my personal journal of some sort. It’s a new opportunity….a new and better me, hopefully. i used to keep a personal journal (a long time ago) i find it not so easy sticking with something (God help me this time and i’ll help myself too of course) as i was saying, that book used to contain majorly stories of how someone annoyed me today or how my latest crush looked at me and what he said *lol* how cool would it be for me to bore you with such stories now, eh? :-)……..i smile when i remember those days but old things gone now, there’s a greater future ahead and more to life. Also, i wouldn’t mind you reading what i have to say and commenting what you think about it or even correcting me no matter how little, if it’s positive, it’s appreciated. 🙂

It feels good participating in the Zero to hero 30 days to a better blog challenge tho, i don’t think i would have written even half of this in my ”About” page. 🙂 Love you all already :-*


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